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Newstream is a personalized newspaper for the iPhone. Now you can read news from your favorite sites with RSS and ATOM, as in the good old newspaper, in a simple way.

You can easily and quickly browse news headlines, photos, announcements.

Articles are converted to a clean and easy-to-read format, no banners, etc.

With Newstream you can share articles and links with your friends by email and through social networks.


Every news source, for example, "BBC" or "NY Times" is represented by a separate stream like a newspaper. You can switch between streams using swipe gesture, as the iPhone Springboard.

Readed the article appear gray and disappear from the stream later.

Stream can be updated by simple pulling it down.

Quick Jump

You can quickly go to any stream by tapping on the title, to invoke the Quick Jump.

There you can see the number of unread news in each stream.


With the Reader technology Newstream show the full article formatted into a clean and easy to read format.

You save time and money, because download the full article takes less time than downloading the whole site, it may be important for 3G users.

Reading List

If you do not have time to read one or more articles that you can put them in a "reading list" and later read them.

Articles in the "reading list" does not disappear until you delete them yourself.

You can buy Newstream in the App Store via iTunes or directly from your device.

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